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No wonder our dog is pink

Really? Why oh why did you produce this thing with all this color?

Silent Teacher!A game to learn how to code

A little game that teaches you the principles of coding.

Oracle is a linux friendly company, but activating Windows? #fail

You can’t make this up.

Can you taste it?

Skilsmisser og separasjonar har gått ned de siste årene

Talet på skilsmisser og separasjonar har gått ned dei siste åra, i 2013 vart det oppløyst 200 færre ekteskap ved skilsmisse og tatt ut 200 færre separasjonar enn i 2012.

Stokmarknes har offisielt blitt fastlandet! Gratulerer Stokmarknes!

I følge vår statsminister ligger Stokmarknes og Vesterålen på fastlandet…

Will this finally save me?

Charge, recharge, change, recharge

And there was my recharger badge, finally!

ITAR-TASS: Non-political – Scientists find traces of sea plankton on ISS surface

Whaat? Sea Plankton in space? How did that happen?

Barely Legal Pawn

Featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Oil fields near Midland, Texas

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany took this photo of oil fields in Texas from the International Space Station.

Jewellery for a girl

Ingress resistance jewelry, quite happy about this. So, I have a t-shirt but I needed something for my girlfriend and this was the obvious choice. Bought on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/no-en/listing/194549765/ingress-resistance-key-symbol-necklace I bit small but she was happy and then I am… Continue Reading →

House of Cue Cards

Functioning LEGO cyborg arm

Stephen Fry and Robin Williams …”

Play Netflix Natively On Linux Without Wine Plug-Ins

It is available with a swift workaround, but not a permanent solution.

Alzheimer artist’s self portrait over 8 years’ time..

From onset until he forgot to send portrait to care facility management A truly horrible illness

exploring the amazing space odyssey of the ISEE -3 spacecraft.

| A Spacecraft for All: exploring the amazing space odyssey of the ISEE -3 spacecraft. http://spacecraftforall.com

Install SailfishOS for Nexus 5 hammerhead

Try Sailfish OS on your hammerhead device.

Because God said so..

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